Dynamic design and stunning illumination Is what we are proud to deliver

This gorgeous artichoke shaped lamp is quite simply perfection at its finest. It gives off a glow that illuminates perfectly. Originally created by Poul Henningsen a Danish architect in 1958 for a restaurant in his home town of Copenhagen, it has become one of the most coveted light fixtures to own. Our high-quality reproduction is a homage to his design.

Quality Benchmarks to get you the best product

We guarantee quality products for our customer’s so that they are completely satisfied when they order from our company. So we make sure we only buy from the best manufacturer’s.

Regular site inspections

We do routine inspections to ensure they treat all their employee’s in a fair manor and do not use child labor and conditions are safe to work in.

guaranteed safe and secure Payments

We take precautions to ensure that when you make a payment to us it is 100% safe and secure. You can rest easy knowing you are protected at all times, we even delete your card information as soon as payment clears.

No more stressful deliveries to deal with.

We deliver on your schedule to any address you choose to have it sent to, and we will call to set up a delivery time that is right for you.

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